The Girl
by Ashley

171 words (1-1.5 minutes)

     The girl that sits next to me in my last hour, well, it's a sad story. Her family is on welfare and she get her clothes from Goodwill. But if people got to know her better they'd see that she's really nice. She's not all that rich, but at least she can afford a house.

    Her name is Katie, no one ever talks to her, only because of one thing, she's not like every one else. Okay, so she doesn't have lots of money, and she doesn't have cool clothes; but I really think that it is wrong to judge a person of how they look or how they dress. That's not what counts. What counts is if that person is nice or if that person is kind and loving she worth being nice to.

    So no matter who that person is, don't judge them on what they wear or how they look, judge them on who they are on the inside.

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