If Only They Were OK.
by Sophie

294 words (2 minutes)

     I had just moved house. I started the new school and it wasn't too bad. I made friends and even managed a date for the party. I guess you could say things were going pretty well!

This guy, he was older than me and my parents really didn't like it. I wanted to go to this party so much but I really was not allowed. My parents thought I was going to get ridiculously drunk! So that night I got ready and climbed out my window. Come to think about it, it was such a silly idea! I arrived at the party and didn't drink one bit! My now boyfriend said he would drive me home. He was a little drunk but I just assumed everything would be alright. It wasn't. We were thrown off the motor way and had collided with another car. I don't remember much other than waking up in hospital in so much pain. The nurse came and spoke to me and told me she had bad news. MY boyfriend had died. He had been so badly injured they couldn't help. (tearful). She told me that not only had the people in the other car died but that she didn't think I would survive either. I asked the nurse to tell my mother and father my dying wish. To tell them I am so sorry and I never meant anything and I love them with all my heart. I felt myself drift away slowly, my life flashing before my eyes. And i woke.... to find my mother and father staring back at me. The people in the other car were my mum and dad driving furiously to find me and see if I was simply ok. If only i was. (bows head into hands)
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