Think Twice
by Jennifer

178 words (1 minute)

      (Peyton White is standing middle stage and is looking at a picture of her best friend Christina. Christina died on prom night in a deadly car crash, Peyton was driving, But Peyton survived. Peyton Takes a deep breathe and then starts to talk).

Hi. How have you been? Me? Im not well. ( short Laugh) I left you another Bouquet. Pink and white roses, your favorite. Did I ever tell you that you were my best friend? ( sarcastic laugh) of course I did, after you died. You were the sister I never had, you were the other half of me. Remember have everyone said we were tight like spandex? Haha.

I haven’t gone to school since that night. I cant concentrate on anything! I cant sleep at night, I keep dreaming about the crash. I can get the vision of you out of my head. All the shattered glass and blood, I shouldn’t of had those drinks. We had both been drinking, I just got to caught up in the moment, I guess I forgot that I was driving home. I don’t remember much but I remember that you said that you would always be with me. Where are you now? You also said its not my fault. Then who’s is it? I cant blame anyone but myself. Its My Fault!

I haven’t cried yet. I don’t know why. I guess im still shocked about it. Im being charged with manslaughter. I don’t care, I deserve it! I took someone’s life away, what could be worse? Hey, Im so sorry! I sorry I killed you! Im sorry I ruined your life! If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t of even gone to prom that night! If I could give any advice to anyone I would say.... Think Twice!

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