Undeclared love of a Father
by Kirby

283 words (2 minutes)


(Setting the stage: Standing center stage by a pretend hospital bed that is occupied by your father. He just suffered a stroke and is out cold. Your upset becasue he was never there for you. An imaginary brother is standing near, they have never been apart of the family and decide now is a good time to start...you get angry because they don't know what it was like to be neglected.)

     You think you can just barge in here after seven years and act like your a part of this family. Your father is dying (motion to bed) and you're pretending to care? You haven't been here Mike...you don't understand. This man who's lying before you...what does he mean to you?

      I lived with this man all my life and never once, never once could he give me a hug, could he look me in the eyes...never once, Mike....could he tell me he loved me. You don't know what it feels like to come home from school waiting for a "how was your day, kid?" and find him passed out on the floor. You never had to lie to your classmates when they asked what your father does for a living. What was I supposed to say huh Mike? (screaming)"HE'S A DRUNK? MY FATHER IS A GOD DAMN DRUNK?"(pause) I am the one who comes home everyday just to clean up his puke and broken beer bottles...and I get the satisfaction of knowing he could care less. You've never had to take a beating from this man Mike. For seven years of my life I had to make up exscuses to tell my counselors...7 years Mike....7 years you will never understand! And now you think you can come in and call this man your father?

     Despite all this man has put me through...I know some where in his heart he loves me...he loves me Mike...(fake tone from the hospital gadgets ring...your fateher has just passed away) DAD!!! No dad!!! I NEED A NURSE....I NEED A DOCTOR...HELLO??? ANYBODY???? I love you dad...I love you...

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