p You need to understand by Jamie
You Need to Understand
by Jamie

430 words (3 minutes)

      (Guy or girl comes out hands in pockets or jus casually to the side, walks to a table, grabs a chair and sits, relaxed and comfortable sighing before he/she speaks)

You know.... (shakes head slightly as the person looks to the table top then to the crowd) People really really need to understand consequences in life, challenges in life or even the small stupid things. For instance, murder. Let's say some guy wants revenge on another guy who had tragically murdered the guy's girlfriend or wife or any acquaintance close. The murderer seems to not give a fuck, obviously and goes about possibly showing off his "murdering skills". Heh well.. (leans forward in the seat hands clasped together a moment, eyes looking somewhat dark) the tragic stricken man happens to plot out revenge after oh let's say three years. It's late at night,(stand from chair and start to act out your story) the guys asleep and well we'll call the man Brian and the murderer Johnny. Well here comes brian walking along over to Johnny's house, he's just strolling right along in there, casually with a weapon in one hand. Brian creeps up through the home of this Johnny fellow, i mean god damn have some fucking dignity, thinking walking right along in will actually not leave clues behind? god damn dumb fuck.

Anywho, here comes Brian traveling up the stairs, and suddenly landing into Johnny's room, asleep as it seems. Brian whips out his weapon, ( look to the floor and show the audience with your hands the bed, point out where this takes place, act as if starting to get worked up) and Brian starts stabbing and stabbing and stabbing Johnny over and over again! and you're thinking, this will never end, my hatred will NEVER end, ever! So all there is left is blood, flesh tissue and hair left over from Johnny. (walk back to seat and sit casually again)Brian happily smiles and walks out casually again, before he exits, he turns around and looks at what was left, smirks and says. (point finger) "Now, it's even." Brian turns and walks back home exposing of the evidence. About a week later, Brian is sentenced to jail for life.

See that's the thing... People have no fucking sense, they waste their shitty time doing god knows what which probably truly is a waste. (takes out a cigarette and lights it, sighing stressfully as person shakes head) Fucking waste of time... and it's almost like those shitty rape me fuck me kill me stories, well sometimes almost the same. See people need to know, you even need to know what needs to b taken care of as to consequences and such. So if any of you want to teach me a lesson like so maybe even try to beat me at it, don't hesitate to confront me. (stands and starts walking off stage)

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