It's Kinda Like Vegetables
by Rachel Casper Clark

430 words (1-1.5 minutes)

      See, I have this problem. I never got the flyer, the memo, explaining how to be "cool". So I don’t really fit in. I don’t really fit in anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends. Lots of them, Just no close ones. You know the ones; You spend EVERY weekend together, And do that little squeal thing when you see each other, Cause you’re so excited to see her.

Well, I don’t have one of those. Sometimes I fell so…alone…unaccepted. And I figure, being alone is kinda like vegetables for me. I don’t love or hate vegetables. They're okay when I feel like it. But I only want to eat them when I want to eat them. No one else really likes their vegetables, and they have to go somewhere so they pile them on my plate. The pile gets bigger and bigger and I keep trying to yell "NO, no! I’m allergic to vegetables! If you don’t get them away from me quick I’ll break out in…(long pause) tears." But no one listens, and the pile gets bigger still. (pause) I hate alone right now. Alone put me in the hospital.

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