Venom Love
by Nicole Jones

193 words (1-1.5 minutes)

     I have spent all my time waiting for one more chance to make everything right. There is always something that seems to happen so I remain my own worst enemy, and it makes me feel desperate. I long for away to make it all disappear, though in my blood the memories keep reappearing. I beg to be free everywhere I am. I need to feel free from my pain. I lay in the arms of venomed filled love, I pray that I can finally exhale. I am so sick of feeling trapped, everywhere I turn I'm faced with pain. It just doesn't stop.

      I have to makeup lies and wear masks so you can't see the truth, but why? If I don't believe in this fantasy world where everything is all well, then I will collapse with death at my door step. I hide away in the darkness, butI fear where I am, and who is watching. Here I am in your arms of venom love again. Please I beg of you don't let go, I need to breathe. Don't let go, because I'm scared right now.

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