The Willow's Song
by Kate E.

718 words (4.5-5 minutes)

      Remember when I would to sit under this tree with Molly. We would come here and talk for hours. This is where we were sitting when Molly first told me about her daddy. She told me that she would come to this tree afterwards and cry, and cry, until the tree soaked up all of her tears. Molly said that is why it was a Weeping Willow, because it soaks up your tears. Molly was two years older than I was and I believed her.

Look at all those stars! One night just after Molly broke her arm we were looking up at these same stars. Then we saw a falling star. I told Molly that my nana said that when you wish on a falling star it takes your wish to the Rainbow Queen and she will grant your wish. Molly asked if it was too late to make a wish on the star. She looked so sad when she asked me that, so I told her that the Rainbow Queen didn’t know how to tell time so it wouldn’t matter. We both closed our eyes and made a wish. My wish was that Molly’s daddy would put up rails on the stairs, so that Molly could hold on to the rails and not fall down the stairs. That, she told me, was how she broke her arm. I know the truth now. (Pauses, as if it hurts to talk) Molly told me one night that her daddy had started hurting her 8-year-old sister. Molly had tried to stop him, but all she got was a black eye and a cut knee. She was 12 then. When Molly told me about her sister I said that she should tell on her dadd! y. Just like in school when you tell on the bully who blocks the slide and steals your crayons. Molly said that it wasn’t like stealing crayons, besides, she didn’t even like to color.

One day Molly meet me here to tell me that her sister was in the hospital. (Sadly) Molly said that while she was at Jenny’s birthday party her daddy had hurt her sister real bad. Molly had to leave the party early. She told me how small her sister had looked in that big hospital bed, with her head wrapped up and tubes in her arms. (Crying) Molly started to cry, and I cried too. She told me that she was too scared to go home, because her daddy was there. Molly spent the night at my house. I said that she should tell my mom and dad about her cuts and bruises. Molly agreed to tell my parents, just so her sister wouldn’t get hurt anymore.

We went inside. Molly rolled up her pants to her knees so that my mom could see her cuts. My mom offered Molly a Band-Aid, but Molly said that it wouldn’t help her cut or her sister. I helped Molly tell my mom about her daddy and her sister. When we were done my mom started to cry and then Molly cried to. (Tearfully) I didn’t like to see Molly so sad, so I gave her a big hug, which made her cry even more.

I can’t believe it has been four whole years since Molly and her sister moved in with their grandma. I am 15 now and I actually understand what came from our talks under this tree. Sometimes I visit Molly and sometimes she comes to visit me. I get letters from her. (Pulls out letter and Reads, summing it up) She writes that she is doing well and so is her sister. She says that she has a job now. She baby-sits the little boy across the street. They were coloring all day today. “We were coloring and I saw this picture. I colored it for you. I always have liked to color. I hope you like it.” A picture? (Says to tree) I finally did find out what Molly wished for that night under the stars. She wanted to be happy and safe. My wish came true too. Molly’s Grandma’s house has handrails on her steps, Molly hasn’t fallen down the steps since she moved away. You don’t need to soak up anymore tears for Molly, Willow.

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