by Kevin Holder

(3 minutes)

      Ok. As you can see Im not the most average looking person in the world. Im 5 foot nine on earth and double that where im from, you know down there in Neptune. When I hit planet Earth, it was the most amazing thing ive ever sene.It was funny looking people with hair, and funny looking things on their body, I think they call them "clothes". Anyway, I knew when i hit Earth I had to do something very fast to make myself fit in with everyone else. So I hit up the space-o-phone to communicate in Neptune. I called my cousin Rozo and asked him If there was anything I could do to make myself fit in with the world. I was so dissapointed when he told me no, but highly relieved when he told me he had a solution to all of my problems. He had just invented a remote control that changed mortals into anything we wanted. I asked him if i could borrow it and he told me he would hit it to me the next day. I was so ready for the next day! I couldnt wait to have some fun laughing at ! the mortals! Everyday i go somewhere kids cry, parents scream,polices questions, gangstas strap up,rappers rap up. I was so tired of being the center of attention, but all i wanted to do is to go somewhere different. I thought if people could visit neptune, we could visit Earth.

The next day it came in! My package. It was blasted down in a rocket, and besides the fact that it killed 3,000 people when landing including the president, I was glad I could zap everyone else into crazy things. I hurried up and opened the package, put on clothes for the first time on earth, a hat, and went out. As i was walking down the street, I swore to myself, if anyone laughs at me i would zap them definately. While walking down the street people just started picking at me right and left. So I just started zapping people right and left. I zapped one person into a dog, another to an alien, and everyone else into icecream cones.

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