Nåh! January Newbies!

Well here is the result of those multiple lists going around at the Bornholm Get-Together. Unfortunately, I only got about 50 of you, so that means I am missing about 20 or something. Also, there are a few oldies that weren't at the language camp that are on here, just so you know. I wanted to have you all up on the website so that you could use and abuse the list just as we do. You must excuse mispellings, especially in last names. I could not read a lot of the handwriting on the list and had to choose which letter it *looked* the most like. I hope you don't want to shoot me, that will I neither not have. Because I love you, that's why I did this, not also?! If you have any huge problems that you are throwing a lort over, or you "forgot" to sign the list, just email me at: emilypicha@hotmail.com

If you're nice, I will correct it.

Pas på og har det godt!

Name E-mail Address Home City, Country Host Club
Alex Cook the_dragon_lover@hotmail.com Australia Charlottenlund
Alice Wilson allywilson@hotmail.com Australia Holstebro
Alysa Graham alysakiwi@hotmail.com Auckland, NZ Aalborg
Amy Little littleamy007@hotmail.com Australia Sæby
Anna Sipple anna_sipple@yahoo.com.au Newcastle, Australia Nykøbing Falster
Barissa Duas bari@sociologist.com Brasil Herring
Cathy Thompson fizzwizz@hotmail.com Australia Frederikshavn
Charlie Archibald charchie@hotmail.com NZ ??
Chris Bentley chrisbentley@hotmail.com Australia Præstø
Ciaron McDonald cazy75@hotmail.com Australia Holbæk
Claire Borchers borch101@hotmail.com Cape Town, South Africa Vejle
Claire Romaszko chookmad@hotmail.com Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Ikast
Daniel Ramek danielramek@hotmail.com Muriae, Brasil Knebel
Elli Smith ellismith85@hotmail.com Australia Århus
Emmie McLerie cuddleyemo@hotmail.com Australia Odense
Eugenio Baistrocchi eugezero@hotmail.com San Juan, Argentina Gentofte
Fernanda Balarini nandabbalarini@hotmail.com Brasil Aars
Jacinta Charlish jatz_36hotmail.com Australia Frederikssund, BABY!
Janelle Scheüber janelles_11@hotmail.com QLD, Australia Kolding
Javik Vukasinovic javik@optusnet.com.au Australia Sønderborg
Jenna Clarke jenna_clarke84@hotmail.com Australia Sonderbrø
Jennifer Wells zoy_1st@hotmail.com Australia Tørring (Horsens)
Jesse Mclvor jessemacs@hotmail.com Macmasters Beach, Australia Viby/Roskilde
Jonelle Seeney woppernomee@hotmail.com Hamilton, NZ Herlev
Julia Lee Julia_lee22@hotmail.com Mornington, Australia Toftlund
Kathryn Lovell kathrynlovell@yahoo.com.au Byron Bay, Australia Rødby
Kristy Baird kristy_baird@hotmail.com NZ Skovshoved
Kristie Mathieson krismatho@hotmail.com Kerang, Victoria, Australia Gørlev, Høng
Lauren McWhinney lozza_mack@hotmail.com Australia Roskilde
Leah O'Doherty odey00@hotmail.com Australia Lemvig
Lex Simons lex_snowis@hotmail.com Sydney, Australia Odense
Luiz Gustavo P. Alexandre ragemaniaco@uol.com.br Brasil Hedehusene
Marion Aveling marionscool@hotmail.com Australia Tistrup
Matt Boole mattboole@hotmail.com Australia Aalborg
Max Dance madmaxdance@hotmail.com Australia Tårnby
Megan Rodda chick_pea84@hotmail.com Australia Skagen (The Top Shop)
Melissa Lane lanemel@hotmail.com Australia Hjørring
Michelle Pearce mars_bars_rock@hotmail.com Australia Skørping (Aalborg)
Nick Leonard scoobysnacks66@hotmail.com Australia Hørsholm
Paula cannot read Lanca, Brasil Bjerringbro
Pedro C.E. Silva pcsilvhotmail.com Brasil Tårnby
Polly Walker walk_out@hotmail.com Australia Bedsted (Thisted)
Richard Adamson adamson_r@hotmail.com Australia Vordingborg
Saulo S.r. Do Vod? sllow@bol.com.br Brasil Rønne
Scott Brand scottbrand@hotmail.com Australia Odense
Sophie White job_cancelled@hotmail.com Australia Århus
Suzie Graham suziegraham@yahoo.com Newcastle, Australia Noemre Aaby (Vest Fyn)
Tegan Smith tegan_smith@hotmail.com Australia Hjørring
Toby de Pyper toby_depyper@hotmail.com Taree, Australia Assens
Todd Sellers toddsellers84@hotmail.com Gladstone, Australia Vordingborg
Tomas Runciman tomas_runciman@hotmail.com Australia Nibe (Aalborg)

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