No More Lies
by Anne

(2 minutes)

      (Hannah is a fourteen year old who just started high school. Her mom is an alcoholic.) I poured out your drink and I think you know why.

No, you know what? I don’t even want to hear it anymore! I’m so sick of your lies. I don’t CARE if it was one glass of wine Mom, when you say you won’t drink it means you WON’T drink. And you obviously knew it was wrong if you tried to hide it so don’t act all innocent..

Don’t you realize how much stress you put on me when you get drunk every night? I just started High School and the last thing I need to worry about is what kind of fight my Mom and I will get into when I get home. .

Why can’t you just go to the doctor and get some of the medicine you had before when your boyfriend was living here? What do you mean no one can make that decision for you? You let Reece make it! If your entire family falling apart isn’t enough of a wake up call for you, Mom, then I don’t know what is and until you can get some medicine I’m going to live with Dad.

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