Our Game

      Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder what you are…wonder what I am? Am I star mama…am I? (Takes crayon and draws a star on leg). (Start laughing, then crying). I’m not a pretty star, then what am I? (pause)Tell me…Oh I remember I’m the devil. Yeah, that’s right. You told me I was the devil. You called me the devil that last night you beat me. Remember our game mama…you hit me so I hit you. You told me to stop, but I didn’t. DEVIL, you called me when I hit you. Remember the red stuff mama. It was pretty. We were having so much fun, but you started to cry. And your crying was getting louder and louder. I told you the game didn’t have to end, but you kept on crying. And I remember how you shut lil’ Johnny up by using that pillow over his face. So I did it too…and you stop crying mama. It was real quiet (ssshh). Our game was over mama ‘cause didn’t get up. They told me I was a bad girl, sent me away. But, I’m not a bad girl, certainly not a devil. Twinkle, twinkle li! ttle star how I wonder…what I am?

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