by Ava Lindt
Estimated Length: 2-2.5 minutes

     (Clara Bennett walks onstage, looking nervously back at an imaginary person who's name is Peggy. She is the class "dork." No one likes to hang out with her.)

     (Addressed to the audience) She's following me, I know it. Everywhere. She follows me to math and to english and she watches me change in P.E. and I swear, if she follows me now, right when I'm walking into my class with the most popular people in it, I think I'm gonna have to kill her. Oh, look it's Ashley! (Waves to an imaginary person, smiling.) Oh god, she is following me. What do I do? I see Mark and Isaac and all of those other guys sitting right by my desk, and what if they see me with Peggy on my tail, trying to talk to me!? I will be so mortified.

(Stops walking and stands center stage.)

     Don't think I'm mean or anything, it's just annoying having the class DORK think that they're your friend. I guess she's nice, she's just a little.. uh.. slow, and I think that maybe she should find her own group of friends (under her breath) Not that anyone would want her...(perks up) Well, I guess I have to sit down. (Walks to a chair and sits down, gets out her work, but just as she is starting to work, an imaginary Peggy walks up)

     Oh........ it's you again.(Pause). Yeah, whatever. I'm trying to work Peggy, can't you see? (Pause)No, no I don't want you to help me.(Pause). Please Peggy, just go away!(Pause, said angrier)God! You are so annoying. Leave me alone!(Pause)Oh, god, don't start crying.(Pause No, wait Peggy don't--... No! Don't tell Mrs. Robins, I didn't mean it.(Pause)(The imaginary Peggy walks away, Clara looks back at the audience)I blew it. Now Mrs. Robins is gonna come over here and ask me what's going on. I know she's gonna ask me why I'm picking on the slow girl. I'm not! I just don't want her buggin' me. Is that a crime?

(An imaginary Mrs. Robins walks up)

Look Mrs. Robins, I'm sorry about Peggy! I mean she's just annoying sometimes and I was trying to do my work and--(pause) What? You weren't coming over here to ask about Peggy? Oh! Well what did you want to ask me? (pause) An "A" on my test! That's great! (smiles) (The imaginary Mrs. Robins leaves)

Well I guess that I just got an easy break. Oh god, here comes Peggy....(groans, and puts her head down on the desk.)

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