I've Got E-problems
by Ava Lindt
Estimated Length: 2-2.5 minutes

Carrie sits in a chair, face forward to the audience and staring out at her "computer." She begins the monologue by typing and then laughing as if she gets a funny IM. Then she stops herself, and gets up out of her chair to begin the monologue.

What am I doing here tonight? Tonight's the dance. This dorky guy asked me from my english class. He said,"Hey Mary, wanna go?" and I was like,"Ugh, no. I got other plans." First of all, I didn't want to go with him. Second, my favorite actress is hosting a chat room at Yahoo tonight and I had to see it. But now, the chat is over, and I am sitting here alone. I am in my house on the stupid computer because I don't have the guts to call anyone. Or maybe I'm just too lazy.

BRB. LOL. Sometimes I almost say these things out loud! And it's not only that... my life has gone completely downhill ever since I broke my arm. That's when I got into this whole thing, after I stopped hanging out with the girls from softball.

So now, this is how it is every night and those nights form each weekend. Because I met all of these people, and now I feel weird if I don't, like, "hang out with them" on the weekends. But it's stupid because I can't even see them. I am so damn lonely but I compensate with netpals and e-friends. I find myself on the internet in those chat room things. Those damn impersonal talk sessions with people who either can't go out or just prefer to remain anonymous. Type type type and listen to my fingers as they click and talk for me. Don't have to look pretty for anyone, don't even have to put expression in your voice. Everything is that way for me these days. I have nowhere else to go at night except to Yahoo! Chat and we can all pretend to have lives. E-lives. Then we can make up stupid slang words with the word e- in front of them. High Tech. I need to get out more. Life would certainly be more lively if I went somewhere at night instead of watching my nails grow at the computer that is taking over my life.

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