Saints and Sinners
by Ceri G

458 words (3 minutes)

      (Sitting quietly in the middle of the stage, head bowed but looking up, looking dark and more or less evil. Hands should be clasped together, but at various intervals should be separated. However, wrists must remain touching. Think handcuffs. All words should be said softly, smoothly)

Let me tell you how the story’s supposed to go.

If we believe the fairy tale bullshit we’re told when we’re little, we’re all gonna grow up to be beautiful swans, we’re all gonna run into the man of our dreams and we’re all gonna live happily ever after. It’s true – some of us might, but the reality is that most of us won’t. We won’t be swans, we won’t find Mr. Perfect, and we won’t ride off into the sunset with violins playing in the background. Life’s a bitch that way... (Pauses and looks over shoulder briefly, as if listening for something, then looks back to front)

See, people tell us these things, they tell us these tales so we all aim high. All aim to what society deems to be right, acceptable. (Smirks darkly) You know what I say? (Leans forward) Screw society. We have them drilled into our heads because people are afraid of the other side of the coin. Afraid of what might happen if our heads aren’t filled with good thoughts and intentions. (Dark, light chuckle) I guess you think that’s my excuse, that that’s why I’m here. That I saluted society’s norms with my middle finger raised. It’s not. Not today anyway. It has a habit of changing every few weeks.

(Puts on a very dramatic and fake pout, voice sounding dramatically innocent)

"I come from a broken home!"
"My father beat me!"
"I fell in with the wrong crowd!"
"The Devil made me do it!"

(Innocence fades slowly) The real reason? I felt like playing with fire, when, as it turns out, all I really knew how to do was light the match. (Shakes head) But forget the excuses. Forget the fake justifications that we spout out in the vain hope that someone is actually listening. Cause there ain’t no one who actually gives a crap. Truth is, this shadow we all seem so desperate to deny exists is all of us? It’s there. And it’s gradually swallowing up every inch of everybody. It’s just a matter of time before it eats you up too… Whether you believe it or not? That is life’s great choice. (Head cocks to the side) Which will you choose?

(Looks back once more, then faces front) They say the only difference between saints and sinners, is that every saint has a past while every sinner has a future. (Looks down to wrists, lifts them up, indicating to them – still ‘bound’ together) Although, I’m not entirely sure I agree. (Shrugs but chuckles as stands slowly) The moral of the story, children is this...

If society doesn't offer a game worth playing, then invent a new one. (Looks as if being shoved towards side of the stage, wrists still together, but chuckled lightly as exits.)
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