Pinched rosy cheeks
The smell of recovery
Looking at the girls
In their translucent shirts
The angles of their legs
The triangles made by two thighs and a hem
Are alluring

You said you wanted her
But what you really meant
That night
Was her flesh
You wanted nothing she could control
Yes, you needed her to to lie there beside you
And to say, "I'm lonely."
"I've just been so lonely."

And yet you think it's gorgeous
You think it's beautiful
To live in reckless abandon
You think eternity is your playground
What else is there to admire?

I am different.
I think exquisite moments
Windows and people full of stories
Are beautiful

The fact that you and I
Breathe the same air,
Drink the same water,
Laugh at the same jokes.
Is a lesson in sameness,
Something I am trying to see.

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