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This is Nick, my host brother. Him and I like to harrass the chickens. For about a week, he kept calling me out to put the chickens on our bikes and ride around. There are 3 chickens + they are collectively called Olleh-Bulleh. Awww..

Bent (host dad), Søster (host mom), Nick. This picture is from when we went to this amusement park called Bakken. We rode around on this carraige ride through the woods. It was neat, but at that time I could barely understand Danish.

This is the Tvinsmosegård farmhouse. I am sitting near the hammock. The farm is pretty big so sometimes I walk around and play guitar or whatever. It's a really nice house, and soon I will have some pictures up of the inside. Like my sheep head friends.


This is Freda, our dejlig hund. She goes hunting with my host father on various occasions, but mostly lays on the front porch and waits for us to come home.


I took this picture when Nick and I had the hens. I thought it was pretty cute. Aww, Olleh Bulleh.


Here is Frederik, he was born the first week that I came. So Frederik and I are growing up together. Now he is getting kind of ugly, because cows just get uglier as they get older. But he was cute here.


This This is Kitt's horse, Silver. She is older than the other two horses. Sometimes I wonder why they have three horses, when she can only ride one. Silver barely ever gets ridden. She is getting fat.


This Oh, I take such good and authentic pictures of myself. This was on the last day, when I was camera happy..


This Here is Bent, my farmer Dad! This is my favorite picture of him because it shows that he is doing what he likes to do. I think he will probably give up his job soon and go straight to farming all day.


This Along with Bent, here is Kitt with her favorite thing in the world: Rebeka, her horse. Yeah what I could understand of what she was happy about was always Rebeka. It's good she was happy about something.


This Here is Kitt being silly and riding bareback on Tviggy. Awwwwww....TVEEGY!


The three horses.


This Nick eating our favorite meal, yogurt and cereal. MMMmmmm soo GOOoOoooooD.


Good, Smile!


I loved the dog so much. Frita!


Goodbye Tvinsmosegård, Jeg vil savne jer.


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