Stood up, Break up
by Ava Lindt
Estimated Length: 3-3.5 minutes

     (Sidra Lang struts onstage, looking around, in a skirt and rolled up sleeves. She stops center stage and crosses her arms.)

So here I am. Ten o'clock and he isn't here. I knew it. I knew he wouldn't show up. I knew he would blow this off too. I mean, God! I believed it when Mr. I-love-you-Sidra-I-would-never-try-to-hurt-you-Sidra told me he would show up. That we would work things out, at seven. I really ought to try looking for more responsible men.

(Sits in a chair, fiddles with her nails her hair for a while, anxiously)

I can't believe he did this! All this time! Three months down the garbage because he doesn't trust me. He thinks I was cheating on him with Rob. I wasn't! Isn't a girl allowed to be friends without sexual issues involved? What's wrong with him? I mean, he has Deborah and Kelly who he says are just his friends. Just friends? Ha. One time I walked in on him and them cuddling and drinking and who knows what on MY couch. MINE! I can't believe I actually let that man live in my house. (mimicking)"Oh, I love you, Sid! I think we should bond, ya know, get to know eachother a little better. How bout I move my stuff over." I was blind. All he wanted was no rent. That's all.. what a jerk. I bet he's off with those girls right now. Completely blowing me off. I mean, I thought we had something going. I thought it was really going to work this time.

(continues fiddling) I'm leaving. I can't wait around for sleazeballs like this. There's other men in this world! (louder)There's other seas to sail! Hell, I don't have all day. I can't wait three hours for some mediocre man when I could get a good one. Next time I see him, I'm just going to tell him that I'm OUT of this relationship. That I never want to see him again. This is the first time I've done something like this. It feels so great! (in mid pose with arms out when her the stupid boyfriend comes on, she looks over at him, surprised.)

It's you. (pause) Oh, god stop. (Pause) John, do you think I really care? I'm sick of you insinuating things about me, telling me I was cheating on you with Rob.. I'm also sick of you always standing me up. You better pack up your things because you are officially kicked out of my house. Good-bye!

(storms off the stage)

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