What am I supposed to do?
by Jenn

785 words (5-5.5 minutes)

(Sarah, 25, vying for a man her friends also want.)

      Okay, well the whole thing started about a week ago. Up until then the three of us were the best of friends. We were best friends from the first day of the second grade and we all watched out for each other, or maybe I did all the watching out. Anyway, Samantha has always been the happy-go-lucky type person. She is a big time record producer, she flies from Europe to America almost three times a week and has never been turned down by a guy. She just looks at them and they melt like butter in her eyes. Every man loves her and every woman wants to kill her. Alicia on the other hand is totally different. She doesn't have "the look" and well, she doesn't even have a job. Then there's me and I'm in the middle. I have a job, a house, a look,(pauses) kind of, in a strange wear-a-bag-over-my-head kind of away, or at least that's what I thought a week ago.

     Okay, well this is what happened. Samantha was on her way from America, she had just signed on another group, X-spose! Anyway, so she was at the airport and then all of a sudden she saw the man that she wanted, so she arranged a couple things, to get him on the same plane that she was on. But this guy was different then the others, he wanted NOTHING to do with her. So she gave him her card and told him to meet her at a hotel for dinner, but he never called and never showed up. So for three hours I listened to Sam whine about this guy from the airport. I didn't listen to every word, but I cought his name, Greg. Well, It gets worse.

(stands up and starts to walk around)

     The next day Alicia was taking her a stroll in the park when a man started talking to her about the history of the park. He introduced himself, as Greg, and Alicia though she had just been hit by luck so she asked him out for coffee. He said yes, and then she called me, and said that she couldn't wait to talk to Samantha, because she had "her" guy. I was confused at first, but then I remembered Samantha going on and on about the guy in the airport. Well, Greg and Alicia went to an art gallery. She walked around the corner and when she came back, he was gone, outof sight. Again, I was stuck on the phone trying to calm Alicia down, telling her that maybe he WASN'T the one. The I went to the sirport to find Samantha's plane, she was on her way back from New York, another record deal. And that's where I get all messed up into this whole thing.

     I was looking at the plane arrivals, and when I turned to go to the gate, WHAM! I ran right into the most gorgeous guy I'd ever laid eyes on. But I kept walking. Then over the speaker, I heard a man talking, he said he was looking for a woman in her twenty's wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a brown pair of shoes. I heard people laughing,(starts to giggle) and I myself laughed. Well I was still walking and I saw him again, in front of the door, and when I walked by he grabbed me and said that he knew I was the one he was looking for his whole life. I thought he was crazy, but I felt the same way, it was like a lightning bolt in my stomach. And I totally forgot all about Samantha. He once again introduced himself, but it didn't click. I didn't care about who he was, or who had known him. All I cared about was I thought I had actually found THE ONE. So we went to dinner and then back to my house to talk more and find out about eachother. Well, the worst thing happened.

     He went into the kitchen and saw a picture...of Samantha, Alicia, and Me. (sits back down, shaking her head) He walked out like he had seen a ghost, then got upset and left with out even letting me explain. Alicia and Samantha soon found out because of my big mouth, whining just like them. Now they want nothing to do with me. So here I am talking to you, wondering if I should just get on to the first plane to anywhere for $100.00 or wait and luck strikes and Greg comes back to me.

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