Submitted Monologues

       These monologues were submitted by people who came to this site and decided to spread drama on the web by contributing one of their works to the site. Currently Naranja is not accepting any more submissions, since there is a big backlog for me to work through at some point.

The first swim (1m)~ by Cat Hayes
The Journal Entry (1m) ~ by Janeine
The Cat's Meow (1-1.5m) ~ by Kim D
I am a Dancer (1-1.5m)~ by Lyra
What Happens Now? (1-1.5m) ~ by Nikki
Kinda like Vegetables (1-1.5m) ~ by Rachel
Venom Love (1-1.5m) ~ by Nicole Jones
In Limbo (1-1.5m)~ by Shannon
Love (1-1.5m) ~ by Estela
Bare (1-1.5m) ~ by Holly Benson
Bangor (1.5m)~ by Nicole Jones
Goodbye (1.5m)~ by Kassy
Picture of Perfection (Jade) (1.5m) ~ by Jenna
Shiny Happy People (1-1.5m) ~by Heather
My little boy Ben (1-1.5m)~ by Jemima
Magical Fairy (1-1.5m) ~ by Angeline & Raychel
Little Brother (1-1.5m) ~ by Samantha
The Audition (1-1.5m) ~ by Rose
Deranged (1-1.5m) ~ by Kasheera
Gone (1-1.5m)~ by Tiffany
Girl (2m) ~ by Heather
Shoulder (2m) ~ by Kate E.
Punk Girls (2m) ~ by Matsuko
My Time is Up (2m)~ by Alia
Stolen Innocence (2m) ~ by Jonathan
He was only 17 (2m) ~ by Emily
Hospital Room A40 (2m) ~ by Azhelle
Will's Homecoming (2m) ~by E M G
The Boy on the Bus (2m)~ by Jezzika
Best Years of my life (2m)~ by Marcy J
If Only They were Okay (2m)~ by Sophie
Dried Leaves and Lima Beans (2m)~by Becka
Undeclared Love for a Father (2m) ~ by Kirby
Mommy (2-2.5m)~ by Sara Sellar
Waiting (2-2.5m)~ by Lizi

Lucifer (2-2.5m)~ by Annie Z
Your 27 (2-2.5m)~ by Alice
Everything (2-2.5m)~ by Tricia
Popular Girls (2-2.5m) ~ by Danielle
One of the Guys (2-2.5m)~ by Tina
The Perfect Couple (2-2.5m) ~ by Sena
On Top of Green Hill (2.5m) ~by Taraly
Faith in Flowers (2.5m)~ by Shannon
The Neighbor (2.5m) ~ by Yzzy
Ten Minutes (2.5m) ~ by Meg
Skepticism and Death (2.5-3m) ~ by Jen
Lies, Amy and Memories (2.5-3m) ~ by Heather
Picture of Perfection (Carla) (3m)~ by Jenna
You Have to Understand (3m) ~ by Jamie
Not getting over it (3m)~ by Ashleah
Saints and Sinners (3m)~ by Ceri G
Hollow Oblivion (3m)~ by Heather
Role Reversal (3m)~ by Amara Chang
The Path (3m) ~by Erica
Divorce (3-3.5m) ~ by Meredith
Am I Crazy? (3-3.5m) ~ by Brittney Harris
Dad Left the Country (3-3.5m) ~ by Samantha
The Diamond Earrings (3.5m) ~ by Sara Sellar
Normal Day (3.5m) ~ by Sara R.
Wes (3.5m)~ by Tracy
Just One Night (3.5m-4) ~ by Trina G.
The Love Truth (3.5m-4)
Nothing to Make it Right (3.5m-4) ~ by Sienna
My good friend (4m) ~ by Kasey Pastor
The Waking (4m)~ by Heather
The Willow's Song (4.5-5m)
School Supplies Extravaganza (4-4.5m) ~ by KC
What am I supposed to do? (5-5.5m) ~ by Jenn
Strawberry Firecrackers (5.5-6m)~ by Kate
Talking (5.5-6m) ~ by Danielle
Typical Day (6-6.5m) ~ by Jonathan