Ten Minutes Ago
by Meg Phillips

379 words (2.5 minutes)

     (This is from the point of view of a teenage girl at her good friend's funeral.)

"People deal with death in many ways. Some mourn, some deny it and some rejoice in the life the person once had. The truth is everyone knows how to react to death in his or her own way. Whether they think they do or not. It's just something that happens. And while they naturally know how to deal with death, no one is born knowing what it’s like. It is just a subject that no one wants to mention, because no one has figured it out. And people are afraid of the unknown. They're scared of things they can't see, what they can't touch, smell or feel. People want comfort; they want a security blanket to fall back on. Like when you were a little kid and you were scared of your own closet at night because of the jacket sleeve sticking out that you could swear was an arm coming to snatch you. You just knew that the moment your eyelids dropped, the monster would leap out and devour you. That's what death is like to most people; finally getting eaten by the monster. Me....I think death !

is like a Broadway musical; at least I hope it is. I mean, what could be a better way to say goodbye? People dressed to the nines and singing their hearts out! A real way to go out with a bang. (Smiles) All lights on you, sparkling costumes, bright makeup and heaven clapping a thunderous applause. Wouldn’t that be great? Being honored and celebrated in true Broadway fashion. (Looks around) You see, funerals are too depressing. With all the black, the bouquets of flowers and friends and loved ones crying. It's too sad...and too final. Wouldn’t you want to be celebrated?! Remembered?! Loved?! I know Cassie would have, she truly would.

But...that’s just me...and I’m sure Cass felt the same. (Slower, more tearful) She would want to be remembered screaming at the top of her lungs in the cafe. She would want your final image of her to be up on stage, singing her heart out, doing what she loved. I will miss her, we all will. (Pause) But, I just know she’s up in heaven singing to a full house and I can't wait to hear her voice again."

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