She bent down to ask him
if he'd go ouside
he laid there on the floor
like there was nothing to hide
and she felt it was time
to finally come clean
and she clutched her stomach
she brushed at her jeans

and once the door shut
the world opened up
and there were a million things swimming
beneath her breath
she asked if they could sit there
on the canary yellow crub
and he shrugged and smiled and said,

"I know you don't mean to
make a fool of yourself
i know that you've got a lot
on your mind
but i'd like to be through with you
i've been all along.
can we go back inside."

and she looked at him straight
as if for the very fist time
and she almost mustered up
a tiny goodbye
but she scolded her self
this was her chance
she loved him dearly
and besides
who can tell what brings us heaven
or what brings us hell.

so she sat down sighing
and the leaves played games
and she grabbed his hand
and then felt ashamed
and she talked to him slowly
like talking to a child
and in the end she threw his hand down
and smoldered and smiled

she said,"you were my june
and the fog in my window
but there was something for you
i never did show
i have a few things
i never did tell you
so whats the first thing
you want to know

to be perfectly honest
i completely adore you
and it's not something i enjoy
you were a satellite
and i was a newspaper
and you read me
without saying a word
and you had a dark side
a part that i hated
and there was one time
i almost fell through

and you were always laughing
at all the wrong times
like when you broke me
yeah you committed some bad crimes"

he sank to the sidewalk
and the streetlamps collapsed
and there was no satiety
there was no sound
and he was melting
into the earth
and he wanted to apologize
for what it was worth

she ran her fingers down his veins
such a coiled form
she laid down beside him
and she felt so warm

she said,"but you were so beautiful
and that is why i cannot forget you
and its no surprise
you harbor a place
next to my today
and won't you just lay here
won't you just stay
because i'm going home
in a matter of hours
and we can never be
the equivalent of the past

so i guess we're just ghosts
caught between to fences
like a swollen language
brimming between two tenses

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