The Dogs
by Ava Lindt
3 minutes

(Pauline, dressed in mismatched pajamas)

      I was outside on the porch one night, out there with my cat and my tea, writing in my journal, when I heard this howl. It came from the neighbor's house, like some creepy horror movie. My cat scratched up my face but I was too shocked to notice. She's one of the many cats that despises dogs. I went to investigate.

      Barefoot, I walked across the lawn, my tea splashing all over my clothes. But before I could get there, I tripped and fell in the begonias. How fun. So, I was all wet and muddy. The dogs kept howling like there was no tomorrow. I was wondering if it was the apocolypse or something. I looked back to see if the lights were out in my house and if there was a meteor in the sky or something even more scary. Nothing. But the dogs kept howling. I felt miserably cold and gross. I was stepping on snails that were feeding on the new grass. I hate snails. Blech. But that's a whole 'nother story.

      I was nearing the fence when I heard a voice. It was a guy about my age, with a sort of in the middle stages sound, calling the dogs in. 'How intriguing!' I thought. 'A vent for my obsession with the male sex...!' I peered through the fence. There was two german shepherds, a chihuahua, and some muttly dog that I didn't feel like taking notice of. Oh, but there was also the boy! Ah, was he a specimen. I felt so sneaky. But 'lo and behold, I the cat attacks my rear end and I let out a shriek. The boy comes bounding over to the fence. I'm trying to pry the cat off my butt. He takes one look at me through the slats, and lets out the male equivalent of a scream. Like he still believes in the boogie man or something. So what, I had mud all over my face and I had my little sister's ALF shirt on. I wasn't the boogie man. He asked me what I was doing. I told him I'd let him know as soon as the cat stopped clawing at my arse. It was the beginning of a very.. interesting friendship...