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Naranja Monologues

Welcome to Naranja Monologues! You have stumbled upon a rarity in the web: an extensive collection of original, free monologues for use in auditions and theater classes. Naranja started about 5 years ago as a small project by a high school student and has since helped many women with finding the right monologue for their auditions. There are lots of opportunities both to comment and also an opportunity to submit your own original monologues. Naranja has recently been updated with some interactive features, including commenting, ratings, a message board , and pass-it-on features. Whether or not you find this website helpful, please give me some feedback about what you think about the site and the monologues. Happy Hunting!


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Dramatic Monologues

Daughter Weapon (new!) (1m)~ Celia yells at her husband after he uses their daughter to force a divide between them.
Little Bits of Maysie (new!) (1m)~ Alex is the last person to think that the recently deceased can still hear what we tell them.
Breaking (1-1.5m)~ Carla comforts her friend on the phone and tries to say the right thing.
A Letter (2m)~ Maria reads a letter she wrote to her sweetheart she can never see.
The Car Thief Incident (1.5-2m)~ Amanda is mugged gives a testimony of the event, fearful and enraged.
Spilt Tea (2m)~ Zoe vents about adolescence and what being careful has brought her.
Ditched (2-2.5m) ~ Silvia endures the woes of being ditched by your friends for boyfriends.
Beauty (3m)~ Sasha rants about the popularity contest at her school.
Mom? (3m)~ Lucy talks about the loss of her mother and tries to be strong.
Remembering (3m)~ Lina faces the reality of her father's Alzheimers.
Under Her Spell (3m)~ Anna wonders about the perfectly intelligent people who only fall for good-looking ones.
The Fat Girl (3-3.5m)~ Melanie is the notoriously "fat" girl at her school, and she tries to figure out why people make fun of her so much.
Waif Girl (3-4m) ~ Lindsay talks about her "obesity."
Glenda (4m)~ Glenda confesses a drinking habit an an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Comedic Monologues

Toast(new!) (1m)~ Anne gives a toast that starts off on a funny note but gets a little too candid for her fancy audience.
Peggy (2-2.5m)~ Clara vents about being followed around by the class dork.
I've Got E-problems (2-2.5m)~ Anti-social net addict Carrie wants to get out instead of living an e-life.
Hallmark Holiday (new!) (2-2.5m)~ Lonely, love-obsessed Paula makes a statement about her least favorite holiday.
Jello Jigglers (2.5-3m)~ Is red the new blonde? That's what mommy heard.
Sick of the City (2.5-3m)~ Libby is sick of Chicago, sick of her life and of her surroundings. She needs to get out.
Rush Hour (new!) (3m)~ Nina is infatuated with a stranger on the train.
The Dogs (3m)~ Pauline recollects an interesting encounter involving ALF, howling dogs, and snails.
The Diner (3m)~ Elaine tells of her inability to meet new people in her small town, when an eye-catching man walks by and well..
Delinquent (2.5-3m)~ A mother expresses her anger toward her teenage delinquent daughter.
Stood up, Break up (3-3.5m)~ Sidra is stood up by her boyfriend.
Evil Teacher (3-4m)~ Evil Ms. Barking meets her class for the first time.
The Mysterious Speck(4-5m)~ Oh no! Wendy Badoosh sees a light on her shed while she is pruning her tomatoes. She assumes it is a UFO. Little does she know of her premature balding!

Submitted Monologues

       These monologues were submitted by people who came to this site and decided to spread drama on the web by contributing one of their works to the site. You can submit as many monologues as you would like. Most of the ones I have gotten so far are rather short. People e-mail looking for all lengths of monologues, so if you would like to submit a really long one, great. Short ones are always appreciated. Also, please do not submit previously published material. I do not know the copyright laws and I don't want to get in trouble. More information can be found on the "submit" page. So, submit a monologue today!

The first swim (1m)~ by Cat Hayes
The Journal Entry (1m) ~ by Janeine
The Cat's Meow (1-1.5m) ~ by Kim D
I am a Dancer (1-1.5m)~ by Lyra
What Happens Now? (1-1.5m) ~ by Nikki
Kinda like Vegetables (1-1.5m) ~ by Rachel
Venom Love (1-1.5m) ~ by Nicole Jones
In Limbo (1-1.5m)~ by Shannon
Love (1-1.5m) ~ by Estela
Bare (1-1.5m) ~ by Holly Benson
Bangor (1.5m)~ by Nicole Jones
Goodbye (1.5m)~ by Kassy
Picture of Perfection (Jade) (1.5m) ~ by Jenna
Shiny Happy People (1-1.5m) ~by Heather
My little boy Ben (1-1.5m)~ by Jemima
Magical Fairy (1-1.5m) ~ by Angeline & Raychel
Little Brother (1-1.5m) ~ by Samantha
The Audition (1-1.5m) ~ by Rose
Deranged (1-1.5m) ~ by Kasheera
Gone (1-1.5m)~ by Tiffany
Girl (2m) ~ by Heather
Shoulder (2m) ~ by Kate E.
Punk Girls (2m) ~ by Matsuko
My Time is Up (2m)~ by Alia
Stolen Innocence (2m) ~ by Jonathan
He was only 17 (2m) ~ by Emily
Hospital Room A40 (2m) ~ by Azhelle
Will's Homecoming (2m) ~by E M G
The Boy on the Bus (2m)~ by Jezzika
Best Years of my life (2m)~ by Marcy J
If Only They were Okay (2m)~ by Sophie
Dried Leaves and Lima Beans (2m)~by Becka
Undeclared Love for a Father (2m) ~ by Kirby

Mommy (2-2.5m)~ by Sara Sellar
Waiting (2-2.5m)~ by Lizi
Lucifer (2-2.5m)~ by Annie Z
Your 27 (2-2.5m)~ by Alice
Everything (2-2.5m)~ by Tricia
Popular Girls (2-2.5m) ~ by Danielle
One of the Guys (2-2.5m)~ by Tina
The Perfect Couple (2-2.5m) ~ by Sena
On Top of Green Hill (2.5m) ~by Taraly
Faith in Flowers (2.5m)~ by Shannon
The Neighbor (2.5m) ~ by Yzzy
Ten Minutes (2.5m) ~ by Meg
Skepticism and Death (2.5-3m) ~ by Jen
Lies, Amy and Memories (2.5-3m) ~ by Heather
Picture of Perfection (Carla) (3m)~ by Jenna
You Have to Understand (3m) ~ by Jamie
Not getting over it (3m)~ by Ashleah
Saints and Sinners (3m)~ by Ceri G
Hollow Oblivion (3m)~ by Heather
Role Reversal (3m)~ by Amara Chang
The Path (3m) ~by Erica
Divorce (3-3.5m) ~ by Meredith
Am I Crazy? (3-3.5m) ~ by Brittney Harris
Dad Left the Country (3-3.5m) ~ by Samantha
The Diamond Earrings (3.5m) ~ by Sara Sellar
Normal Day (3.5m) ~ by Sara R.
Wes (3.5m)~ by Tracy
Just One Night (3.5m-4) ~ by Trina G.
The Love Truth (3.5m-4)
Nothing to Make it Right (3.5m-4) ~ by Sienna
My good friend (4m) ~ by Kasey Pastor
The Waking (4m)~ by Heather
The Willow's Song (4.5-5m)
School Supplies Extravaganza (4-4.5m) ~ by KC
What am I supposed to do? (5-5.5m) ~ by Jenn
Strawberry Firecrackers (5.5-6m)~ by Kate
Talking (5.5-6m) ~ by Danielle
Typical Day (6-6.5m) ~ by Jonathan

Monologues are free for use to individuals using them in drama classes or for auditions.
All other use must be approved of by the author.

Last updated February 11, 2005 with a one new monologue and a tagboard.

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