onsdag, august 15

Spiraled up a tower today. I figured out how to put pictures in here. So here is the church. It's called Vor Frelsers Kirke. It was a really cool experience, 400 stairs that just kept getting steeper and steeper. And we got to the top and we could see all of Copenhagen because there aren't skyscrapers (thank god.)... Today we tried to go to a museum with my class at the language school, but this girl fell down and broke her arm. So we walked back to the school and ate lunch. Then we were free. It was damn hot today too. Man I feel really strange writing this all down. Nobody CARES! Read the poetry if you really want to know what is going on, in my head. But then again most of that is babbling anyway.

I got some letters today via real mail. The fact that they travel so far make them so great to read. I get so happy when I see some new envelope with stamps and seals and marks all over it from all of its travels. Its the most amazing thing it takes only 3 days for a letter to get here.

I also went here today.

I dag er min fodselsdag! Haha. Today's my birthday and I was sung to in the morning with danish flags everywhere. It was sweet and wonderful. I sat around this beautiful house too long and missed my train. I meandered through the yellow block housing where all the merchants used to live.... went into an old church. Then decided that it aws time to get my ass to class.. When I came into they all proceeded to sing the danish birthday song. I think I like singing the song better than being sung to.

During class I mostly just do my own studying. Today I read all about 'familien Hansen,' and felt that this textbook was a little too personal. At least I know how to say I got the hots for someone now. I found the scanner at my school yesterday and soon there will be amusing looking pictures of danish people drinking beer up here. I will also probably post some of my scrapbook pages... tuborg labels, store reciepts, japanese writing... all of it.

At school there were about 100 more non-rotary students today. The majority of the girls had the head shawls that Muslim women wear. And I thought about how different that was from the Danish women in society. These people were going to this school because they needed Danish to get jobs here. Because at home it was so much harder. So I am thinking god damn! Little me and my grammer books.

mandag, august 13

"time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils." ~hector berlioz

Danish grandmother made me socks for my birthday. People are so fucking good..! They are puke yellow and warm. Tomorrow is the first day of school in this crazy ass, danish speaking place. I dont know anyone.. and scared outta the mind. Been learning a ton of Danish just talking with my host mom and being like, "whats this?" "so wait, how do you say congratulations again?" "Trwajlkfhiehugga." "What?" "Tillykke!" "Ah! Tilooky?" "No! TiLOOky" "AH!"But tomorrow, I will just follow the directions. Just follow the directions. Follow directions. Directions.

Yawn. 17 in 2 days.... heee heeee heee!!!!! Jeg kan lige kager....!