torsdag, august 23

at the library in copenhagen. but the man might come and tell me to get off at any second. originally our plan was to just walk here, but instead we ended up walking through some old "hunting castle" and then walked through denmarks only rainforest in an entirely glass windowed building. So my feet are tired and I am happy, realizing how much there is to see, and do. this weekend we might go up to helsingor, the gateway to sweden. i am bringing my passport because who knows, maybe we will take that 15 minute boat ride there. much love to youall.

onsdag, august 22

new poem in the poem page, but i can't bring myself to write out these days, each one of them. but yesterday angie and i took to the beach, under the only patch of blue sky there was, and Sweden out there in the fog.

søndag, august 19

got that hollow headached feelingwith a fly landing on me in consistent intervals. bored as hell. dont know what to do with myself. i can't wait until regular school starts, with an art class and some new people. i went to copenhagen today to meet my cousin-by-marraige. and i got off of the nasty train with the smelly man to meet her and her friend from zimbabwe. they wanted to eat pizza hut, and that we did.. it was crappy and expensive. we walked around some more but really there is nothing to do in copenhagen on a gray sunday afternoon. nothing is open.

so i decided to go check out the black diamond, this huge black mass of a building connected to a more historical, more pleasant looking library. but it was closed and i really should have figured that out. so i got lost. and then i found out where i was, got on a bus, got on a train, got on a bike, and came home to an empty house. it really is quite sad. tomorrow language school, errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. i ought to just go to bed and get it over with.