tirsdag, oktober 2

I found a physics book in English! So now I am supposedly studying it, but science bores me no matter what language. At least with Danish one can sit there and do something else. So I am just looking at e-mail and putting around like usual. I can't believe that I am already a fourth of the way through this exchange. It feels like a year is forever, but I can't imagine the terror of going home, not being able to function and forgetting how to drive. Man I just don't know where to place myself here. It's just a mess. Waking up each morning is particularly violent, and I have to open the blinds to see the time. It's getting darker and darker, and everyone here is like, "Cold? What the hell are you talking about! For SATAN!" At least I know that they are bothered by the amount of rain that has been falling lately.

"Yes indeed, I am alone again. Here comes emptiness, crashing in. It's either love or hate, I can't find inbetween. Because I have been with witches and I have been with the queen." -Ben Harper

mandag, oktober 1

This whole college application process is pretty interesting. Here I am, across the ocean, and I can sit here and plug away my high school course outlines. There are a lot of things missing, i.e. my essays that will probably be written at 12 pm at night in some sort of poetic stupor, but none of this stresses me out. I know that if all else fails, I can go to the junior college, and save my parents a lot of money. I am doing all I can to not do that, but it really doesn't matter. A few years down the road and all that general ed crap is gone. Yeah nobody wants to hear Emily's college sitch, but I need to get it written out and it doesn't belong in a journal. Okey.