Lyngby Langbrudskole 2001
<--- Matt (Colorado),
Luke (Colorado)
and Ryan (New Mexico)
Several of our dear friends expressing their admiration of the dear cow statue. --->
<-----Bjarne expressing how much he likes the udvekslingstudents.
Our favorite 12 year old, Rasmus, looking his best. "Jeg er træt...meget træt" It's because we wore him out with all of our eagerness to learn Danish. Yes, Rasmus never taught us the difference between et and en, but he taught us all sorts of other things. He was the 6th teacher. Flemming too!--->
<----Rasmus in a more excited state, we heard him saying: "Jeg er en viking mand! Jeg har mange muscla! Jeg kommer fra Danmark! Jeg hader dig! (Jeg elsker dig)...."
Paulina, Ana Laura, Valentina and Ana Jose-->
(All from México)
<----Leanna (Alaska) and Anthony (California) pose for a beautiful picture.

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