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Playing cards was one of the many ways that the exchange students passed their time. Here, Eric (B.C, Canada), pulls a tricky tricky move on one of his opponents. "Jeg erobre dig!" he exclaims with pride. Katie from Idaho mutters, "Jeg hader dig. JEG erobre!" But they love each other anyways. The exchange students taught each other all sorts of card games! Oh my, it was great fun....... ahem!
I believe that I already commented enough on this exciting game of cards. The author is not sure what card they are playing but she does know that they were having fun because Rotary kids always do! In this shot Inga pulls out a crazy good card and everyone is so amazed.

Another way that Rotary exchange students passed their time was in the computer lab. At times, there were lines of up to 540 people! Oh my! In this shot, Renan (Brazil) uses his skills to mack on some of the ladies. "Voce é sexy! Eu te quero , eu preciso de voce," he says in portuguese. And all the girls are in love.
In this shot, Sam from Taos, New Mexico says to Lina (Lithuania) and Carol (Brazil) that he really enjoys being in Denmark. Just then, Mathias takes a picture! Oh my!

One night, the Brazilians decided to show us how to dance. In this picture, Renan and Carol (Both Brazilians), strut their stuff on the dance floor (the lawn). Everyone is amazed. "Eu danco muito bem , eu sou um gostoso," Renan exclaims. And everyone is amazed. The Exchange students found many things to do to make up for the fact that they were on a farm. Town was very far away! So the students took up pastimes like: ultimate frisbee, crocheting, dancing, sitting on tables, making up jokes about hats, finding unique things to say to Bjarne, asking Flemming about everything under the sun, being very beautiful and causing Rasmus to do his flirting dance, and dressing up that darn cow.
Another dancing shot. This one is a little bit scandalous, " Voce gosta disso?" and Carol replies,"Sim eu gostei muiiiiittttttoooooo!!!!!!!!" Everyone around wonders how to dance so beautifully. So you know what happens? They do! But nobody has that Brazilian rhythm like they do. Nobody. But, they teach everyone anyway.
Mathias turns out to be a very good dancer for a non-brazilian. He sure knows how to move! "Jeg kommer fra Danmark med jeg danser godt! Lækkert!" But nobody really understands him because in the first few days we weren't that good in Danish. So they just smiled. And they were amazed. Everyone got to try! It was so fun!
Not much to say. Poggy (Oregon), wearing his delectable yellow hat. I can't really recognize anyone because the computer I am typing on has horrible pixels and I am not to good with recognizing the backs of heads. Oh well. They're watching some more of that quality programming. Skål!

Sometimes, the exchange students were so full of Denmark that they had to get away for a while. And that is why they went to watch TV. Most programs and movies were in English. But on a great day, the exchange students could watch quality childrens programming in Danish. There were a few that spent lots of time in the TV area, but most didn't. We are children of the 21st century dont you know? (The Computer Room was the place to be).
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