Strictly Monologues

The Monologues of Fictional People
An imaginative foray into the art of speaking through characters.
David Matthew Barnes Monologues
a great collection of original and free monologues from the plays of David Matthew Barnes.
Shakespeare's Monologues
an extensive collection of monologues from lots of plays for both women and men.
Monologues for High School Drama Students
a really good idea. There are some monologues, scenes and top 10 lists here.
ELAC Monologues
a good collection of monologues
Quiet Harry's Monologues
about a dozen or so monologues for both male and female roles.
Alice in Theaterland
I get a lot of hits from Alice's page. She has a nice collection of monologues that you should check out.
Dramatic Monologues for Women
Looks like a good source for classical monologues.
A dozen monologue do's and don'ts
by Jeremy Whelan, this will give you some very important tips.
Scripts, etc.

an index of all the movie/television scripts
available on the internet.
General Acting

The Actor's Source
an extensive collection of resources for actors. Includes monologues, how to audition, etc.
I get a lot of hits from this site, I thought I would return the favor. Apparently, it's a great resource.
The Play Writing Seminars
A very in-depth look at the art of writing plays that offers tips and guides.

A Guide to Readers Theater
Readerís theater is often defined by what it is notóno memorizing, no props, no costumes, no sets.

More coming soon, Send me some links!

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