MICROSOFT er røv, ikke?

Man kan ikke lever uden et liv!

These are newer, as of 24/1-01.... and did I mention jeg hader Microsoft Frontpage and it's lortfuld little sister, Express? Altså, have fun browsing unalphabetized unorganized pictures I took in these past 2 months. :)

snowangel.jpg - Rachel
self.jpg - self portraitness
smoking2.jpg - the cool smoking man of love
slot.jpg - jægerspris slot
trashy.jpg - eric taking pix of mcdonald's trash...
eriko.jpg - lovely
happiness.jpg - lovely også
julslik.jpg - christmas candy (woooo)
pornanda.jpg - our dear canadian pal who let us in for the night. hurrah!
snowee.jpg - can't remember
birte.jpg - my host mommy of love + smoke
towering.jpg - my old host parents, well the third pair
kim.jpg - friend from skool, hand-me-down from kara, my late australian
china.jpg - hangin round
martin.jpg - baby from 2nd host family (i only took about 2 pictures of them the whole time.)
sigurd.jpg - host bro of sweetness
pizza.jpg - pizza canada, with really amiable owners
jullys.jpg - xmas candles, only for the strong-hearted
forest.jpg - a beaut
greeness.jpg - it's rachel cunningham, igen!
odensepot.jpg - can't remember, see for yerself
camera.jpg - eric + mike being photogenic
ericmc.jpg - eric at his favorite crash-spot
canaman.jpg - can't remember,
boyz.jpg - my boyz
oldman.jpg - the old man and the sex goddess
oldcouple.jpg - the old man and his taxy stars
striptess.jpg - amanda being pornandiful
farr.jpg - 3rd host dad
ann.jpg - my dear friend from gymnasium, ann.
emdiva.jpg - me being not so smuk.
divaz.jpg - rachel + i in our finest attire
classy.jpg - kids from class
rockin.jpg - bjarke and the band rockin out dane-style
mikechurch.jpg - mike being cute and lutheran
nytar.jpg - the new years "feast"
bikes.jpg - my school's bike cellar
odense.jpg - odense's gågade
popstars.jpg - girls from class going for the gold
slotgirlz.jpg - rach + i being appealing
smoking.jpg - the smoking man, AGAIN!
nudyman.jpg - a nude man we met on the street.
treesne.jpg - a crazy picture
rachdiva.jpg - rachel being diva-ious
sexxxy.jpg - can't remember, but it must be sexxxy
vaerelse.jpg - my room of nothingness
punkrock.jpg - mike being gutter
gagade.jpg - uhh, FREDERIKSSUND's celebratory walking street
martin2.jpg - the 2nd family's grand son again.
nisse.jpg heeee heee i am a snow nisse!