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Akiko, Susana, Angie, Crystal. They were my language school friends. 

Mike, one of the many charming Canadians I met at the language camp. He lives in Sorø.

Michelle, me, and Texas. We are missing one of the squad of girls that made ruckus all over camp. 

Michelle, from Canada, on the night of the great dinner party where everyone got dressed up for... beefsteak.

This is Frida, one of the cutest dogs i hele verden!

Flemming was my dream host father. We even called him Far at camp because for those 2.5 weeks, he was like a dad to us. Aww...

Rasmus was Flemming's scandalously mature son. There were many girls who would have gone for lille Rasmus if he had been a *few* years older.

Anthony, me, Kevin, the three kids from California spreading the message of peace and love. 

There are just too many MOZZIES! Here is my Aussie friend Kara from Kingaroy, Queensland. Aw isn's she cute?! 

Two star crossed lovers, Mike and Taylor. I can't remember where Taylor is from but that's because he's American. But Mike, well he's one of those delectable Canadian fellows.

Me and Michelle in front of one of those really old Danish churches. This one happens to be in the oldest Danish city, Ribe.

You can just really feel the love on her face, I can. Aw and look our peace-maker Mike is coming in to bring more love to the situation. 

Astrid is Tilma, my host counsellor's wife. She's from Norway and I have a hard time understanding her sometimes. She's really nice though, and pretty funny too. 



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