Glässsss, Tack!


please excuse the læck of grammergrh and spalleeng corrections,
e-mails at any time of the day by confused udvekslingsstudents are like the following.

Sorry i havent written in a while, but thats because things have been hectic and because nothing interesting happened... until today. i went on a little adventure. by foot to bike to bus and to train. i ended up in helsingør with my exchange student friends akiko (japan) and jennifer (illinois). we got on a ferry that only cost 32 krone(3.50??), and went to Sweden!

A 20 minute sail across the Øresund Channel, and we stepped off the boat and went to find food. I had a falafel thing, I love being vegetarian for meals! AHH... yes. Then we walked around and were amused at how things were different. . .the streetsigns, trafficlights, the money. we had to pee so we went into a train station. and you had to pay this dude about 1 dollar to use the toilet! he was chillin in a little booth taking bathroom money! absurd! so we went in there and changed into our bathing suits. then we went swimming in the baltic sea again! heeeeeeeeeeeeee... freeeezing! and all those damn swedes were just going into it like lukewarm bathwater. ha! not that bodega bay is that warm but whatever. i had to change into my undies again in public. it was funny. we were right in front of the pedestrian/cycle alley, so i had my sweater around my hips + was just squirming in.. my udvekslingsstudent friends were laughing.

so we get some ice cream ('glass' in swedish). and go back to helsingør. the 2 towns are sister cities, helsingør and helsingborg. jenny and i wandered around the pedestrian area of town, which was huge. the buildings were old and crooked and good. and i fell in love.. i fell in love with the image of drunken swedish people bringing their cases of danish beer (they cant buy alcohol in sweden!), dancing down the street in chains and spikes, tripping on uneven cobblestones, the tiny alleyways with flowerpots and cobblestones, the hot photographer shooting a rose, the swedish people on a tour of the city, looking huge next to the quaint little houses. the swingset next to the sign that said "bjarne jælson lived here 1699."

ahhhhhhhhhhhh... long train ride home. we talked to alesandro from italy, some guy we decided to talk to. i got his email, he lives in torino. it was just really good. he had travelled to danmark to learn english. (????), and had a cute accent. he thought we were 20 and i think he asked me out to dinner. he said "you go to restaurant tonight?" and i said "no i eat with my family...." i really had to get home. we got home and watched the Norwegian princess wedding with a commoner girl. hee hee...its all the news here in scandinavia. you haven't heard?

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