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lørdag, september 29

God morgen. Looks like another day in the fog! Last night we had a party with those loveable Germans. A lot of people were drunk and when my host mom drove up with my 11 year old brother in the car, I got in as quick as I could. She said,"Yeah when we drove up there was a girl sitting in the road." Kids are kids are kids. Another party tonight at school, this one I have to bake for. Also I am starting to learn spanish again, putting effort into it and writing letters in spanish. Wish I had someone to talk to though, in any language.

torsdag, september 20

I am home from school today because I got sick. I haven't been sick in probably a year, and this one really hit me. I just laid on my bed for a few hours, staring at the blinds. And I just got a bunch of emails from home that made me really happy. God damn I love my friends.

tirsdag, september 11

I lit a candle for America tonight. And I am shocked and saddened along with the rest of the world. Good night, best of luck.

lørdag, september 8

Went to my school party last night. Let's just say it was a nice time. I think everyone agrees that the Danes are stuck in the 80's, at least with musical taste. During the song "girls just want to have fun," all the guys were singing and dancing on tables at the top of their lungs. And I met about 20 people in the unisex bathrooms. Gotta love it here. Indeed.

onsdag, september 5

it took her an hour to make the pancakes. we sat down, i made some strong tea. and then we poured sugar all over them and enjoyed those twenty seconds of sweetness. it's life man... yep. Been reading a lot lately. Yesterday I read a Tennessee Williams play, and today I read The Pigman, by Paul Zindel. There's just not much to do and the sun feels like home. so i just fill my stomach with raspberries and go lay on the concrete field scraper thing, with the cows looking at me. it feels damn good.

"the cities swept about me like dead leaves. leaves that were brightly colored but torn away from the branches." Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie.

mandag, september 3

take walk. make dinner. fold clothes. feed dog moldy bread. check e-mail. go to school. walk around with staring eyes at every corner. make friends. do dishes. write it down. move it up. stretch body. wake up sore. look out to yellow. bask in sunlight. ride bikes in rain. look forward to letters. cry. ask questions. learn languages. make do.

lørdag, september 1

wish you were here.

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