Goddag, Danmark!

My first trip out of Scandinavia, full of empty German highways, exotic beer, and a ton of really beautiful walking tours.


Christmas + Odense
an unorganized collection of the newest pictures. Seeing as how I haven't put up any pictures since November, this should be a better interpretation of what I have been doing. Included is a trip to Odense + winter pictures.
Lyngby Language School
Pictures from the "language camp" that I went to for 2.5 weeks when I first came here. I didn't take them.
The people that have been going through this crazy journey with me. 
The people that let me come into their house, eat their food, sleep in their bed, use their shower, and share their freetime. 
Frederikssund Gymnasium and all of its... sights?
I can't wait to take more of these pictures. But there are a lot up right now because I can't help myself. It's an uncontrollable urge!
The November Outing!
About 40 pictures of an outing to Copenhagen. If you want to categorize this, call it "friends" and "scenery," smashed into a cold November context. But make no mistake. It's sooo hot!




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