lørdag, oktober 13

i will try to make better sense this time. i find that people keep telling me that I don't make any sense. Maybe that's because I just allow my mind to spill out, and in that way it is not so structured. I switch host families tomorrow, at 2-3 pm. I am pretty glad for it. Looking forward to be an "ene-barn" (only child), but actually I won't really be, but like at home, their only daughter has already begun her outer life, 30 yr old husband, a child named Martin. But I have all my things packed together, and while they are bigger than me, it still seems small compared to home. This is the American and her things. This is what she has to explain herself. I got a package today filled with cheesy souveniers, ghiradelli chocolate, rotary pins. It was nice to see little pointless things again. I haven't bought any of those, and everything I have seems to have a purpose.

My writing is not good right now. I have been having some trouble getting started on poems. But as long as I am functioning.. today me and my friend from Australia rode over to the "great wide forest" called Jægerspris Skov. We just rode around and I felt my sore throat worsen even though it was great weather, summery and cool. We took pictures and rode next to eachother, avoiding cars. Got some shawarma food and thought about things that we don't even realize exist at home. I.E. S-tog trains, wonderful middle eastern fast food, assigned seating at movie theaters. It's funny how every country does the most common place thing differently. How some countries make it so damn simple, and some make it so hard.

I saw A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). It was an okay movie, seemed kind of butchered and incomplete. Rode home in the dark with no lights, was scared for cars, but it was actually really peaceful. Now I am going to come down with a horrid fever soon, I can feel my head expand and contract. My eyes have turned red. I hope the fever comes and goes tonight. So that tomorrow I can sit outside and look at Tvinsmosegård for the last time of living here.

xo to all

søndag, oktober 7

hello world. sunday, and i have helped trim 20 trees.... while the dog gently whimpers.