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mandag, november 26

A new section called, ADVENTURES. If you really want reading material, there are some essays and random e-mails about so-called adventures. I would tell you about the other.. ahem... adventures. But I am afraid they are not publishable. I am bored and my Australian has 3 more Danish nights. I am sad about that. School is boring. Why am I sitting in physics classes when I could be out and wandering? I dunno. I still have not answered this question. Write me, talk to me. I am here on the other side.

søndag, november 25

I do not like this online thing, as you can plainly see by my lack of updates. If you go to this site, and want to read more of these, please e-mail me. Otherwise, I just stick to the privacy of my hotmail box. Copenhagen called on Friday. It was good + seedy. I would tell you more but who are you anyways?

onsdag, november 14

I have finally updated something. L33t... mmmmm I dunno if this is going to work out between the two of us.

søndag, november 4

I would just like to take this stupid online updater thing and put in quotes that I like. Yeah. Well this weekend was another skole-fest, another chance for those crazy Danes to so their true colors. And I sat there with a beer in hand and my Danish in my throat just letting go. Rode my bike home with my little light in the front and thought about different worlds. Gas stations in the middle of a dark and quiet city, full of drunken kids buying yogurt, hot dogs, cheeze-puffs. How everything is the same everywhere, just with a facade of difference. Like the method in which to get to the gas station or the party, or the wall socket. Like the way....

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
Oscar Wilde

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