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The John Lennon Wall, Prague (Czech Republic)

tirsdag, maj 7

murals in Leipzig, taken by the side of newfound Honduran and Mexican friends. April 2002

mandag, maj 6

and this was a dresden flea market experience. note the car in the photo. he approaches girl and bird and tells her to leave the premises.... and his precious bird is no longer tainted.

fredag, maj 3

i felt like i should just say hi after one and half months. tomorrow is the wedding of my 37 year old host sister. i have been looking forward to this for a while. to get all dressed up and go eat food and talk to strangers. the strangers i have met with this family have been really great. and i love it that even though i live with 2 people over sixty, there are always squeals of excitement from the kitchen, or that my host mom gets all excited about drinking tea and eating cookies. i love the fact that my host dad has a laid back walk and makes jokes about penises.

today i played with a drummer and a bassist for the first time in my life, i believe. it was a new experience, and i am really not used to the whole concept of jamming. nevertheless, we had some fun at the end down in the labyrinth of my school. we went to the new irma and got some cheap l called "The Blue." and then we found the drummer in a bush. i don't know what it is about influenced danes and bushes+hedges, but there is something...

school is winding down, there are only 12 real days left. we have some holidays and one is called kristi himmelfartsdag. i asked my host father what the hell it was and he had no idea, just that it wasn't religious.

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