November Pix

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The All American Hot dog. Yes this is why some of those DANES seem to think I live inside of my local GAP, eat only french fries, and talk to my TV mor than my friends.

Eating brekkie, as my now-gone Australian exchange student affectionately called breakfast. MWææææææy!!!! Instead of paying 35 kr for breakfast, we opted for Netto, with it's bland labels and cheap food.

Different pose.

Yeah wish someone knew how to focus. BharAA22.... but that's okay. This is my friend Emily and also Mike from Cånædá.

Too bad the light was shining on the breasts! This is a picture of a typical copenhaguish mural, a woman breast feeding. YEs today I saw a cartoon about Hans Christian Anderson with cartoon people fornicating. They let children see this in Denmark. Woop dee doo.

Forest (Washington State), getting on his train back to Esbjerg. Forest became bankrupt on our trip. But he was always in high spirits.

Rumor has it, international Carlsberg ads say, "Probably the best beer in the World." Tuborg is better, my friends.

Nice pose, 'Mikky

Ooh gotta love those 10 serving plastic bottle xmas beers. Pepsi with a sour taste, my friends.

You are now entering Strøget, Købby's famous walking street. "The longest one in the WORLD!"

Copenhagen's Rådhus (City Hall). Looks like a fortress to me!

Aw here are the girls in the hostel. Lookin so peppy after not getting caught by the tog police.

2 of my girls on the train! Michelle from Ontario, Cánádá, and Texas, oh I mean KATIE, from Texas. Going to København the expensive way, trying to avoid the tog police. Ah they're so cute the tog police would let them through. AHem.

I dig this shot, looking over the now bridgified canal. Oh my sweet sweet Copenhagy.

That's so funny.

Too much of that damn pepsi, my friends.

Too many pictures of YOU, Mike.

Hey it's København Central Station!!!!!


Hey it's the entrance to København Central Station!

The machine is saying: "I will not lie." Of course they never do. Neither do tog police, or airline ticket counters.

Suprisingly, this picture turned out. Chilling in Nyhavn with our hands over coals, along came a marching band with something to say.

A perty picture of Michelle and I.

Mike being a snow bunny.

Another picture that miraculously came out.

Good morning.

Wakey WAkey in the hostel.. Forest looks especially dashing at this time of day.

My favorite picture of the bunch. 5 O'clock, Novembertime, Nyhavn.


Where do YOU want to go?

Our hostel, the Sleep-In Heaven. Of course they wouldn't give it a Danish name! ARe YOU InSANE! (er du sindsyg!)

On our way out of getting lost, I saw Solitudevej, and found my home of homes.

Farst and Mike, on the Netto Shopping spree!

After much anticipation, the tog police, enjoying a rare moment of un-sternfaced ness.

This wasn't in København, it's my (WAA!) Australian's family's XMAS tree, with real candles.

"we love"

Hvad synes du om det, Birte? Åg, Sigurd, jeg kan ikke tænke lige nu.

Our friends by the non-danish goods market.


Too Hot For The Internet.

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