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On my way to the train station, this is a building that I pass. My host dad has informed me that the place is pure squalor, but I think it is nice.

This is one of the churches that I can see from my house, not this close of course. It is probably older than America. (many things are)

At this church, they have a cemetary. And although a lot of people say that cemetaries cannot be pretty, I think that Denmark really knows how to do it.

On my first day out in Denmark, we walked to Roskilde from the language camp. And at the time, I thought this was so typically Danish. The bikes, the beer, the cute architecture. But there is so much more to Denmark than that.

This is my favorite picture that I have taken this year. It is also in Roskilde. Roskilde used to be one of the biggest towns in Denmark. But not so anymore.

A nice view of Roskilde Domkirke's spires. This church can be seen from miles away because it was built on a knoll.

While Danes aren't as hateful to McDonald's as some countries in Europe, Looks like some people are...

This is "Den Lille Havfrue," or "The Little Mermaid." Hans Christian Anderson wrote about her. I am sure you know that though. She's not very impressive, but each and every tour bus stops here to get a look.

A view of Frederiksborg Slot from the Gardens. I thought this was the best picture that I took that day. It's considered the most elegant castle in Denmark.

I took this picture when we went Kerbeksminde. It was a really good day for the beach, and we even went swimming in the frigid waters of Denmark. 

I said to myself, I want to take a picture of a different looking McDonald's. Well the only thing that was different was the danish. But I believe I like the word "tak" better than "thankyou." It takes less energy to say 

This is the bridge over to Jægerspris. I must have been on this bridge about 20 times already. It is no Golden Gate, but it's pretty neat how it raises up to let the boats go by. Maybe I am just uncultured.. 

This is the loveable walking street of Frederikssund. I want every town in America to have one of these. But maybe if Denmark wasn't so old they would have cars on their main shopping streets too.

No! No! BOCK! BOCK! Bent at work again, but not before Olleh-Bulleh pass by.

Yeah it's one of those typical black and white pictures that I will remember for the rest of my life. The last look out on the mark. I dunno, I don't think so.

Michelle's adorable ex-host family took us out to Ribe. Her adorable mother showed us everything while her adorable father was wonderful and old. Her ikke-så-adorable host brother acted like he didn't care when he did. Aren't boys cute.

Yeah and I am one of those people who likes to take pictures of things because they look pretty. This was a house in Ribe. Probably built before Amerika, as usual

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